DiP-Pi Power Master for Raspberry Pi Pico

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The DiP-Pi Power Master is an advanced power add-on board for the Raspberry Pi Pico offering a wide range of power input options, onboard LiPo/Li-Ion battery charging, sensor interfaces, a reset button and more!

It's great for projects which require power options from a wide range of sources including batteries, vehicle power supplies, industrial sources and more, with the added convenience of battery charging and sensor interfaces! DiP-Pi Power Master - Dual In-line Power for the Pico!

There are currently two other versions of the DiP-Pi available in the range - the DiP-Pi PIoT and the DiP-Pi WiFi Master. The quick comparison table below explains the headline feature differences, and a full table of features on each board can be found here:

Key Feature PIoT Power Master WiFi Master
6-18V Power Input (EPR) Yes Yes -
Battery Power/Charging Yes Yes -
Onboard ESP8266 WiFi Yes - Yes
MicroSD Slot Yes - Yes
1-wire Interface Yes Yes Yes
DHT22/21 Interface Yes Yes Yes
Humidity/Temp Sensor Interface Yes Yes Yes

Note: Raspberry Pi Pico not included. You'll need a Pico with male headers soldered to it. You can grab a Pico here and Pico male headers here, or buy a Pico with pre-soldered headers.

Feature Summary

  • Wide input range from multiple power source options - 6V-18V DC (1.5A 4.8V Buck Converter)
  • Multiple power sources can be used at the same time with automatic UPS functionality on all sources (inc. Pico USB)
  • Battery power input options with onboard LiPo/Li-Ion charging
  • Battery monitoring
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • ON/OFF power switch on all powering sources (inc. Pico USB)
  • 1-wire interface (pads)
  • DHT-11/22 Humidity/temperature interface (pads)
  • Reset button
  • Multiple onboard indication LEDs
  • Fully assembled - no soldering required (unless you want to add interfaces)
  • Plenty of ready-to-use MicroPython and C/++ examples

Power Input Options (EPR)

The Power Master has an Extended Powering System (EPR) which can supply the system with up to 1.5A 4.8V (perfect for the Pico) delivered from a 6-18 VDC input - a nice wide input range making it suitable for use with batteries, vehicle power supplies, Industrial PSUs and more - or simply power via the Pico's micro-USB port if other sources aren't required.

The module supports LiPo or Li-Ion batteries with automatic charging when moving between power sources (UPS functionality) or when a wired power source is lost. The Extended Powering Source (EPR) is protected with a PPTC resettable fuse, reverse polarity protection and also ESD protection.

Users can use any capacity of LiPo or Li-Ion battery, however you must use PCB protected batteries with max discharge current of 2A. Each power source status is indicated by separate informative LEDs (VBUS, VSYS, VEPR, CHGR, V3V3).

Onboard Battery Charging

The onboard battery charger will automatically charge a connected battery (if used). In addition, you can switch the charger ON/OFF if required for your application. The Power Master can be used for cable powered IoT systems and also for pure battery-powered systems with ON/OFF options.

The embedded battery charger is set to charge the battery with a charging rate of 240mA. This rate of charge is set by a resistor which can be changed by experienced makers/professionals with the appropriate desoldering equipment and skills if required.

Battery Monitoring

Users can monitor (via the Raspberry Pi Pico A/D pins) the battery level and EPR Level with the Pico's A/D converters. Both A/D inputs are bridged with 0402 resistors (0 OHM) therefore if for any reason you need to use those PICO pins for your own application, they can be removed by experienced makers/professionals with the appropriate desoldering equipment and skills.

1-Wire and Sensor Interfaces

In addition to all of the above features, the DiP-Pi Power Master is also equipped with an embedded 1-wire interface (pads), DHT11/22 sensor interface (pads). The 1-wire interface includes ESD protection and 4K7 resistor, and the DHT interface includes a 10k resistor.

The combination of the extended power input options, battery power option and sensor interfaces make the DiP-Pi Power Master ideal for demanding industrial applications!

Reset Button

The DiP-Pi Power Master includes an embedded reset button for the Pico, alongside an on/off slide switch that works with all power sources (USB, EPR or Battery).

MicroPython and C/C++ Examples

DiP-Pi Power Master is supported with plenty of ready to use examples written in Micro Python or C/C++.

Package Contents

  • 1x Dip-Pi Power Master Board
  • 1x 3.4mm/1.3mm EPR DIY power plug (for soldering your own wire/solution)

Raspberry Pi Pico not included


Technical Specification

For the full technical specification, including pinout, please click here.

  • EPR Power Input: 6-18VDC
  • Current/Voltage Supply: 1.5A 4.8V
  • EPR Input Plug: DC 3.4/1.4mm (or 1.3mm)
  • EPR Power Input Socket: DC 3.4/1.3mm or 3.5/1.3mm
  • Supported Battery Types: PCM protected LiPo and Li-Ion (2A max discharge)
  • Battery Socket: Male JST 2.5mm
  • Battery Charging Current: 240mA
  • Dimensions 21mm x 51mm

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