ClusterCTRL A+6

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Network six Raspberry Pi 3A+ using USB Gadgets!

The Cluster A+6 is a side step from the original Cluster HAT and switches Raspberry Pi Zeros out for the more powerful quad-core Raspberry Pi 3A+ (which can also be used with the older A+ model).

This is an updated version where the Tantalum capacitors have been switched for Aluminium and the vertical USB connectors have been switched for more robust versions.


  • Controller Pi A+/3A+ and 5 A+/3A+ nodes
  • USB Gadget Mode: Ethernet and Serial Console
  • Two onboard 4 port USB 2.0 hubs (USB port to the controller is available for use with USB Ethernet/Mass storage/etc)
  • New! ClusterCTRL (I2C) USB interface allows individual control of Pi power, fans, LED etc
  • Programmable power-on states for LED, Individual Pi Power etc
  • Unpopulated pads for ClusterCTRL UART status (for debug) and fans on the bottom of the PCB
  • Controller Pi can be rebooted without interrupting power to the nodes (network recovers on boot)
  • Works with the standard Cluster HAT software or you can roll your own
  • Power for the Raspberry Pi is provided in two banks (powering 3 Pi each)

The ClusterCTRL controller uses our open-source software (building on i2c_tiny_usb which uses V-USB) running on a Microchip ATMEGA328P to provide a standard I2C interface for controlling the cluster from the controller Pi.

Other Parts Required

The following are required but not provided:

  • Two 5V 3/4 Amp Power supplies (2.1 or 2.5 mm barrel jack connector with positive tip) - One for Controller/P1/P2 and a second to power P3/P4/P5.
  • 1-6 Raspberry Pi A3+ or A+ (any mix).
  • 1-6 SD cards. It's possible to boot recent 3A+ over USB so an SD card (or Flash) is only required for the Controller but can be easier and quicker using individual SD cards.
  • (optional) USB Network Adapter (may be useful for configuration) or you can use the CNAT image and WiFi on the controller.
  • (optional) M2.5 5mm spacers/standoffs to separate the Raspberry Pi A+/3A+.
  • (optional) Two 60mm fans (When using a 3D Printed Tray).

Package Contents

  • 1x ClusterCTRL A+6 board


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