Antex 3mm Replacement Tip for Antex XS irons (B005060)

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Soldering tips don't last forever, especially if you don't keep up cleaning and maintenance. Luckily we now offer replacement tips for our Antex XC25 soldering iron.

This version is the Antex B005160 3mm '51 Bit' replacement soldering iron tip. It'll work on any of Antex XS range of soldering irons and is balanced to match the power output of XS irons.

Antex replacement bits are manufactured from high-grade copper, plated first with iron and then nickel to give a longer working life.

We also offer other Antex replacement tip options in the store.

Note: Never file an Antex bit as this will reduce the working life. Never apply power to an iron without a bit fitted!


  • Genuine Antex replacement part
  • High-grade copper tip
  • Iron plated for long life
  • Pre-tinned with lead-free solder
  • New *Internal* shim for easy tip changing
  • Tips are balanced to match the power output of XS irons

Tip Care

  • When replacing an Antex bit, first switch off the iron, then attach the new bit
  • Switch on the power and apply solder to the bit as it heats up for the first time
  • When you have finished using the soldering iron, always place the iron in a safety stand
  • Leave a little residue of solder on the bit. This will reduce oxidisation of the tip and ensure a longer bit life
  • Wipe the bit on a clean damp sponge and apply fresh solder before re-use

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