Anodized Aluminium Machined Knob - Gold - 20mm Diameter

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These compact and luxurious machined knobs look fantastic and have a nice feel, a perfect way to upgrade your rotary encoder or potentiometer. We hand-selected the best knobs for your project in different sizes and varieties. This is an Anodized Aluminium Machined Knob in a Gold is Best.

It's a solid machined aluminium knob, with knurling on the sides for grippyness, and a shiny anodized coating. It looks like the type of knob you'd find in a suped-up recording studio. There's a white triangle on the finish so you can know where you are and figure out where you're going. We have these in a few different colours.

This knob has a set screw that uses a 2mm hex wrench (not included) which means it can be used with any 6mm shaft rotary encoder or potentiometer: T18, round, D-shaft! Simply loosen the set screw, press it onto the shaft, and tighten the set screw so it no longer rotates.


  • Dimensions
    • Overall diameter: 20mm
    • Inner diameter: 15mm
    • Shaft hole: 6mm diameter with set screw
    • Height: 12.5mm
    • Weight: 11g

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