LAN Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi Camera

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This LAN Cable Extension Kit is a plug-and-play cable extension kit for the Raspberry Pi & Official Camera Module, which allows you to use the camera module many meters away (up to 20m**) from the Raspberry Pi - without any additional software or code with an RJ45 LAN cable!

The extension capability is driven by THine’s V-by-One® HS technology whose configuration is pre-tuned for easy plug and play installation. There is no need to software set up or code - it works as if the Camera were directly connected to the Pi.

The kit is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (version 2.1), HQ Camera, and defined modes of the original V1 (1.3) Raspberry Pi Camera Module (see datasheet for compatibility).

The kit includes everything you need, including a 2 meter LAN cable. Please ensure you fully read the Quick Start Guide and Datasheet before using!

**Please read the datasheet for a list of tested cables that work with the kit. Due to the wildly varying quality and specification of Cat5E cables on the market, we can't guarantee the quality or performance of this product if you use a cable not listed in the datasheet.


  • Up to 20-meter cable extension
  • Supporting most LAN Cables
  • Plug and Play connection
  • No software configuration needed
  • V-by-One® HS Technology

Kit Contents

  • Tx Board (1pc) Transmitter Board with THine THCV241A MIPI CSI-2 to V-by-One® HS Serializer
  • Rx Board (1pc) Receiver Board with THine THCV242 V-by-One® HS to MIPI CSI-2 Deserializer
  • 2-meter LAN Cable (1pc) LAN/Ethernet Cable, Cat5e
  • Straight Ribbon Flex Cables (2pcs) AWM 20624, to connect (a) Tx Board and Camera and (b) Rx Board and Computer
  • Mounting Screws for Rx Board (6pcs) Hardware to mount Rx Board on Raspberry Pi
  • Longer Spacers for Rx Board (3pcs) Computer Board
  • Mounting screws for Tx Board (for V2 Camera only) (4pcs)
  • Hardware to mount Raspberry Pi Camera V2 (Version 2.1) on Tx Board
  • Shorter Spacers for Tx Board (for V2 Camera only) (4pcs)
  • Mounting Nuts for Tx Board (for V2 Camera only) (4pcs)


Raspberry Pi Models

This kit is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and 3 Model B+ (not included in the kit). The kit will electronically support the full range of Raspberry Pi boards with a 40-pin connector (additional hardware/connectors may be required) although it is not production tested with Raspberry Pi Computers other than the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

Camera Modules

This kit is fully compatible and tested with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (version 2.1) and HQ Camera.

This kit supports Raspberry Pi Camera V1.3 for certain modes as defined in the datasheet.


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  • This product should only be connected to and powered by a Raspberry Pi computer.
  • Any external power supply used with the Raspberry Pi should comply with relevant regulations and standards applicable in the country of intended use.
  • This product should be operated in a well-ventilated environment and should not be covered.
  • This product should be placed on a stable, flat, non-conductive surface while it is in use, and it should not be contacted by conductive items.
  • Ethernet cable used with this product should be kept at a distance as far as possible from the power cables of any devices to avoid the effects of noise impacting the product performance.
  • This product generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy. If not installed and used according to this manual the equipment may cause interference with radio and television communications. There is, however, no guarantee that interference will not occur in any particular installation due to site-specific factors.

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