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ControlBlock - 2 Player Joystick/Button Controller & Power Switch

ControlBlock - 2 Player Joystick/Button Controller & Power Switch
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Power Switch, Game Controllers and I/O for the Raspberry Pi! The ControlBlock is a fully assembled extension board for the Raspberry Pi that adds power switch functionality and screw terminal general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins ready to use for connecting arcade buttons, joysticks, gamepads, NES/SNES controllers etc. for your arcade project!

The power switch functionality allows you to turn on and off the power to the Raspberry Pi with a toggle switch (A toggle switch is not part of the ControlBlock). The ControlBlock comes with a pre-soldered USB Micro socket, but tou can optionally solder a USB-B socket to the ControlBlock if required. Any toggle switch can be connected to the ControlBlock, which allows you the biggest flexibility for your project. The power status of the Raspberry Pi can be indicated via an LED that can be connected to male pin headers.

The GPIO pins can be accessed from the Raspberry Pi via the SPI interface. The ControlBlock makes it very easy to connect arcade controllers for up to two players. The open-source driver for the ControlBlock can be configured for various controller types. It supports arcade controllers that are mapped to game pad devices, as well as a mapping to a MAME keyboard configuration. The ControlBlock also supports the polling of SNES and NES controllers.

You can find an article with a detailed description of the ControlBlock, getting started information and various demo videos here. The ControlBlock comes fully assembled.

ControlBlock Features

  • 2 x MCP23S17-E/SO - 16Bit GPIO Expansion IC's
  • 32 I/O's
  • SPI Interface
  • Power Switch Functionality via Micro USB Port
  • Screw Terminal I/O Ports for Arcade Inputs e.g. Buttons/Joystick/Gamepads etc.
  • Designed to host 2 Players


ControlBlock Documentation 

Source Code