NOOBS - New Out Of Box Software

NOOBS - New Out Of Box Software

NOOBS is Raspberry Pi's New Out Of Box Software which makes installing your favourite OS easy!

If you have purcahsed your SD card from us then NOOBS will be pre-installed. If you have sourced your SD card elsewhere (shame on you!) then follow Raspberry Pi's quick-start guide, found here

The choice of OS's you get are:

  • Arch Linux ARM
  • OpenELEC
  • Pidora
  • RaspBMC
  • Raspbian
  • RiscOS

We will take you through installing the recommended OS Raspbian.

So first select Raspbian (RECOMMENDED) and hit enter, or click Install OS.

Now go make your self a cuppa, it takes a while to install the OS to your SD card.

Once the install has finished you should be presented with the raspi-config page

Go through and setup the different options that you want, then hit Finish.

Da-Daaaa! All done! How easy is that!!

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