Installing the Wireless USB 11N Nano Adaptor 802.11N (WiFi Dongle)

Installing the Wireless USB 11N Nano Adaptor 802.11N (WiFi Dongle)

Please Note. These instructions are outdated. The Raspberry Pi has drivers for Realtek 8188CU chipsets included as default. Devices using this chipset should now be plug and play.

This guide will outline the basic steps used to install the Wireless USB 11N Nano Adaptor 802.11N (WiFi Dongle)

This information was gathered from the official Raspberry Pi Forums and credit must go to ‘MrEngman’ for his installation script and thorough help.

For more information about installing the Realtek 8188CU chipsets (usually found in Nano WiFi dongles), please check out the Official Raspberry Pi Forums Here.


Starting from a clean SD Card install of Wheezy OS ‘2012-08-16-wheezy-raspbian’

Starting with keyboard plugged in ONLY, no USB hub, mouse or wifi dongle yet.

The Raspberry Pi MUST be connected to the internet via an Ethernet connection.

First make sure your firmware is completely up to date:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Add the installation script to your root directory:

There are two methods to accomplish this.


Download the latest installation script file HERE

Remove your SD card from your Pi, plug it in to your computer and transfer that file to the root directory of the SD card (the directory that automatically opens when the card is inserted)


Alternatively, you can download the script directly on to your Pi using:


Run the Script

sudo /boot/

This will then lead you through the installation process! Easy!

More detailed installation instructions can be found here

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