How to customise the ModMyPi 7" Touchscreen Case and Stand

How to customise the ModMyPi 7" Touchscreen Case and Stand

This is a very easy one - You only require a sharp knife and a printer (and preferably a cutting sheet)! Please ask before you ruin your kitchen side :)

The custom artwork fits between the top clear panel, and the 2nd matte black panel. You can add customisation after the case is assembled. You simple need to unscrew the front layer, and sandwich your artwork in between!

First step - Get your artwork! Print it out, glossy and big, or an A4 sheet.

Step two - Add your template on top and postition where you want to cut. The thicker black "layer 2" is easy to cut around - we also advise you leave the protective layer on if possible, to protect from slipping and scratching!

Get a very sharp knife, and carefully cut around the outline

Do the same for the inside

Which leaves you the screen surround piece!

Sandwich time! Your artwork fits between the top clear layer and the 2nd black layer:

Add your artwork and poke some holes for the screw:

Screw it back up and you've now got a custom front


If you fancy downloading the template and designing your own artwork, they're available below! The .pdf can be printed full size on A4 landscape

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