Helping Mini-HDMI Cables Fit the Official Pi Zero Case

Helping Mini-HDMI Cables Fit the Official Pi Zero Case

The mini-HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi Zero sits a few mm back from the edge of the case on the Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case. This means that some mini-HDMI cable will not seat correctly into the mini-HDMI port on the official case (depending on various tolerances).

The easiest solution to this is to cut down the black shroud on the mini-HDMI cable to reveal a few extra mm's of plug! The mini-HDMI cables we stock for the Pi Zero have a useful little lip, which makes trimming them down a breeze!

You'll need a sharp knife and a cutting surface for this! We take no responsibility if you maim , injure, dismember, or otherwise incapacitate yourself - you are in charge of your own safety!

Grab the mini-HDMI end of the cable, and lay it flat on a cutting surface:

Line up your knife with the inner edge of the lip on the cable.

Then slowly and carefully slide the knife through the black shroud until you meet the metal part mini-HDMI plug. Do not use too much force, and stop if you think you're cutting metal :)

Continue the process on each edge of the mini-HDMI plug.

You'll then be left with a ring of shroud:

Which can be removed to reveal more of the plug!

You should then be able to fully insert the cable into the Zero, with the official case installed!

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