GPIO and Python (4/9) - Push Button

In this project you’ll learn how to make a LED blink!

Things you will need:

Raspberry Pi + SD Card
Keyboard + Mouse
Monitor + HDMI Cable
Power Supply
1x Red LED
1x Blue LED
2x 330? Resistor
1x M/M Jumper Wire
4x M/F Jumper Wire
1x Button


Latest version of Rasbian installed on your SD Card
Raspberry Pi setup with a keyboard, mouse and monitor

1. Change the current directory to our gpio_python_code directory:

cd gpio_python_code 

2. Start by creating a file for our button script


3. Edit the script using nano add the following code:


import os

from time import sleep

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO


# setup our input pin

# we use an internal pull up resistor to hold the pin at 3v3, otherwise the inputs value could chatter between high and low

GPIO.setup(10, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP)

while True:

    if ( GPIO.input(10) == False ):

        print("Button Pressed")

        os.system('date') # print the systems date and time

        print GPIO.input(10)



        os.system('clear') # clear the screens text

        print ("Waiting for you to press a button")


4. Execute your script

sudo python

5. Now press the button

6. To stop your script, simply press ctrl+c