How to install game ROMs to PiMAME

How to install game ROMs to PiMAME

In this guide, we will be explaining how to install your game ROMs to your PiMAME operating system.


Using PiMAME
Upon a successful bootup, you will be automatically logged in and the PiMAME main menu will appear on screen. From here you can access multiple emulators and utilities for the Raspberry Pi. Use the up and down arrows to navigate and press “Enter” or “c” to select an option.
Adding ROMs
All ROMs for the systems should be stored in the /home/pi/roms/ directory. PiMAME has a built in FTP server and web uploader that makes adding games easy. There are two ways to add ROMs to your system:
1. Web Frontend
The easiest way is by using the web frontend of PiMAME.
  • Go to the IP Address of your Raspberry Pi in a browser and you will be greeted  with the PiMAME web page
  • Click on the “ROM Uploader” button
  • Enter in your username and password. (Default: pi / raspberry)
  • You will now see your home folder.
  • Click on ROMs.
  • Click on choose file and select the item you wish to upload.
  • Click upload.
  • After a few seconds your ROM should be uploaded.
2. FTP Client
Another way is to use an FTP Client like FileZilla to upload files  to PiMAME. This is recommended for large files exceeding 50MB.
  • Start your FTP Client
  • Hostname / IP Address should be your Raspberry Pi’s IP address.
  • Username and Password are: pi and raspberry
  • Click connect.
  • If the connection is successful you should see a listing of files.
  • Double click the roms/ folder to enter it.
  • Drag and drop the files you wish to store into the directory.
Updating PiMAME
PiMAME comes with a built in Updater script so  you can make sure you are running the latest version.
  • On the Main Menu screen, select Exit (Return To Command Line)
  • On the command line, type: "cd pimame_installer/" then press enter.
  • Now type: "sudo ./"
  • When the script has completed, it is time to restart.
  • Type: "sudo reboot" and press enter.
  • You are now running the latest version of PiMAME.



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