How to assemble the Game of Life kit

How to assemble the Game of Life kit

A massive thank-you to Paul Brown (@smstextuk) for putting together these brilliant step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the Game of Life board.


What you need Main Parts: Optional:

Assembly Instructions 1. Starting from opening the packet sort everything out into groups, this will make assembly much easier. Game-of-life-assembly-01

2. Starting with the resistors fit them into the board r1 to r16, folding the legs as per picture will stop them falling out making them easier to solder. Game-of-life-assembly-02 Game-of-life-assembly-03

3. Solder these in and cut the legs off so it looks like this

Game-of-life-assembly-04 Game-of-life-assembly-05

4. Next up is the chip holder ensure you get the indent the right end.


5. Next is the button and capacitor, the capacitor should go in c3 but for photo I placed it in c2 so you could see it. 6. Solder these in before we move onto the LEDs. Game-of-life-assembly-07

7. The LEDs are simple each slot will be marked positive (long leg) and negative (short leg), the negative side is also flat as per photo, once each one is placed bend the legs to stop them falling out before soldering them


8. Again cut the legs off so it looks like the above


9. We now need to solder up the battery terminal as per picture before adding a short between the two outer pins on the board, one of the cut off legs should be good enough, just make sure you so not touch the middle connection.


10. Place batteries in and it should come to life, with the padded double sided tape stick it to the battery compartment and then to the back to make it into a stand. Game-of-life-assembly-11

11. A bit of electrical tape can tidy up the wires.


12. To operate hold the button in for a few seconds and a chequer board will appear hold the button in a second longer and it turns off. Press it to turn back on and if it gets stuck on a pattern or you want to start it again then press the button again.

Enjoy your game of life board!

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