Raspberry Pi Roundup - create a Pi-based wifi hotspot, an Amazon Echo Show-alike and read the latest issue of HackSpace


Roboberry, over at Raspberry Connect, has documented a way to automatically create a wifi hotspot on your Pi if your wifi connection to your router fails, or if there is no router to connect to. This is a great idea because it means you can connect to your Pi ‘on the road’ without worrying about needing to pre-set wifi credentials. Take a look here if this is what you’ve always wanted! Be warned! It’s extensive, and technical, but it has recently been updated to work with Raspbian Stretch. Obviously, this is ideal for Pi 3 or Pi Zero W owners, but will also work with compatible dongles on other models.

Amazon Echo Show?

“anonteapot” on Imgur has created this lovely lookalike of an Amazon Echo Show. Using handcut MDF, he constructed a framework and then added some fabric purchased from John Lewis to complete the look. Into the back went a Raspberry Pi 3 and a 5″ screen. Of course, he needs to add voice control (maybe by using the Google AIY Project’s Voice HAT?) but it’s a great thing to display a dashboard on. You can see details of the build here.


Raspberry Pi have just announced issue 4 of HackSpace, the new magazine for makers. This issue focuses on wearables and features the usual mix of interviews, news and tutorials. Also of note is that they’ve just started to give a free gift away to subscribers – an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. So, there’s never been a better time to start reading or to subscribe. Read more about the issue here.