Raspberry Pi Roundup - a Sonic Pi-controlled glockenspiel, a fleet monitoring device and a satellite station model


Robin Newman has taken a 30-year old glockenspiel, some solenoids, a RasPiO ProHAT and a custom circuit and hooked it up to a Raspberry Pi. The code is in two parts: a Python part which accepts OSC signals and then communicates with the GPIO and a Sonic Pi part which deals with the actual music and sending of the OSC commands. The mechanism for hitting the glockenspiel is ingenious and starts with a solenoid and ends with a LEGO ‘stick’ which taps the underside of the instrument bars. You can see the first prototype in action below and read more over on Robin’s blog.

Fleet Tracking

Alec Short over at Apollo50 has created Project Arthur. Using paper/card and an embedded Raspberry Pi, Project Arthur uses APIs and IoT services to track the International Space Station and light up an LED embedded in a model of the Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station when it is overhead. Goonhilly enabled the first transatlantic broadcasts and carried Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s famous broadcasts from the Moon. You can read more about the project here and get the resources and code required from Github.

Thanks Adafruit for spotting this one!