Product Improvement: Cool n’ Quiet

Product Improvement: Cool n’ Quiet

Earlier this year we released our new mini-fan case – a smart-looking case and cooling solution in one neat, affordable package.

Whist this case keeps things VERY cool and has proven popular with our customers, we couldn’t ignore your feedback in the review section.

We monitor review comments on a regular basis to ensure we’re doing the right things (and remedy the wrong things), and this was one of those occasions where things needed fixing.

Many of you were impressed with the level of cooling performance of the product, however the fan noise trade-off fan noise was just too much for many of you. We wanted to fix this ASAP.

Sourcing and testing a replacement

We immediately got on to our suppliers, requesting samples of similar size fans that ran at a lower RPM to find a sweet spot between cool and quiet.

We tested a number of options and eventually selected a fan which we think ticks both boxes.

Introducing: Raspberry Pi 4 Case (With Cooling Fan) (v2.0)


We performed testing using the stress package to really cook our Raspberry Pis, and found that whilst the quieter fan runs at around 5 degrees hotter, it still only maxed out at 57 degrees – a decent 23 degrees away from the throttling threshold (your mileage may vary depending on your room temperature).

So we've made the decision to launch our v2.0 case, with what we believe to be be the better (quieter, but slightly warmer) fan option. Paired with a new, clear lid to the case. Available here

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