New Official Projects book, an IoT 3D-printed bus and a new 64-bit operating system all in today's Raspberry Pi Roundup

Official Projects Book, volume 2

The MagPi have made a surprise announcement that volume 2 of the Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book is now available to download, buy via their app or buy in print (for £12.99) from The Pi Hut and good newsagents. With an emphasis on Raspberry Pi Zero projects, this is 200 pages of great content. Head over to the MagPi now to take a look.

Get your bus pass out!

Over at DesignSpark, Dr Lucy Rogers has written a great tutorial which fuses the Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, an ESP8266 module and some Neopixels into a bus warning system. The system has the following features:

  • A visual alert to tell you to leave for the bus stop – and your bus will miraculously arrive just after you do.
  • #WhereIsMyBus will also warn you if there are no buses running, so you can make other plans.
  • And if that isn’t enough, when it is not in use as a bus alert, it becomes a #Cheerlights light.

It uses a combination of Arduino code and Lucy’s favourite language NodeRED. You can download all the files you need (including the 3D printing files for the bus itself) and read the tutorial here.


Although the Raspberry Pi 3 has a 64-bit processor, it is well-known among the higher-level techies that the currently released version of Raspbian is, in fact, a 32-bit version. That means it’s not using some of the higher-level functionality of the 64-bit processor. To most people that won’t make much difference – the Pi 3 performs well. But the point is it could perform even better.

Eben Upton has just posted on the Foundation’s blog that the first 64-bit operating system for the Pi is now available: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. This isn’t necessarily suitable for all users, but it does give those who are looking for tip-top performance an option. It has wifi and Bluetooth built in so the Pi 3’s networking capabilities are enabled.

You can download the image here.