Build Your Own Z80 Computer by Steve Ciarcia (1981)

Build Your Own Z80 Computer by Steve Ciarcia (1981)

A blast from the past and a valuable resource, "Build Your Own Z80 Computer" is now available to download in a .pdf format! This set of design and application notes, instructs the reader from start to finish in how to contruct their own computer system - it's well worth a read if you're interested in more in depth applied electronic engineering!

In the author's own words:

"Build Your Own Z80 Computer is a book written for technically minded individuals who are interested in knowing what is inside a microcomputer. It is for persons who, already possessing a basic understanding of electronics, want to build rather than purchase a computer. It is not an introductory electronics handbook that starts by describing logic gates not the on the hand is it a text written only for engineering students. While serving to educate the curios, the objective of this book is to present a practical, step-by-step analysis of digital computer architecture, and the construction details of a complete and functional microcomputer.”


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