A new episode of the PiPod Podcast, Beginners' Guides, a review of the Pi Cap and a Sega Genesis conversion in today's Raspberry Pi Roundup

Podcast, Episode 4

The latest episode of the Raspberry PiPod Podcast is out now and covers lots of news, products information, events, crowdfunding and projects. You can watch or listen here.

Beginners' Guides

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has soft-launched a whole series of guides for using the Raspberry Pi and various add-ons. The guides are as follows:

Great resources, well worth reading for beginners.

Pi Cap review

Over on my blog, you can read a review of Bare Conductive's Pi Cap add-on board. The board has the following:

  • 12 conductive crocodile clip-compatible connection points
  • High quality audio output via a 3.5mm jack
  • A user-programmable RGB LED
  • A tiny button
  • 7 unused GPIO pins broken out
  • A prototyping area

You can read the full (very positive) review of the board here and you can buy it from us here.

Sega Genesis

Michael Lyons from Florida has taken a second-hand Radica Sega Genesis system (which he bought off eBay for a dollar), prised it apart, removed the innards and replaced them with a Raspberry Pi 3. And all in one sitting! He’s recorded himself doing it and you can see the process in the video above.