Raspberry Pi Roundup - 18th December 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 18th December 2015

Garage Door

Don Howdeshell (who previously taught his daughter not to wake her parents up at an un-godly hour using a Pi) wanted to allow his wife to control the garage door from the Android tablet mounted in her car. So, he interfaced a Raspberry Pi with the mechanism and hey, presto, that is in fact what he managed to do. Read about the build on his blog.


 has taken an old Playstation console, a Raspberry Pi, a few other bits and some custom circuitry and created a retro gaming machine. He’s now blogged about it over at Pi Supply. Read more here.


PJ Evans was fortunate enough to find a cheap ZX Spectrum online and decided to resurrect it using a Raspberry Pi Model B+, an Arduino and some USB conversion circuitry. He is currently part-way through his build and is documenting it on his blog.

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