Raspberry Pi Roundup - 24th September 2015


Matt Brailsford (aka Circuitbeard) has taken an old Grandstand Scramble gaming console and adapted it for use with the Raspberry Pi. He’s got a 5″ HDMI TFT screen (which gives a resolution of 800×480) for the display and used the Picade controller board from Pimoroni. He cut and adapted various parts to allow for the buttons and the joystick and then made a new bezel for more customisation. The end result is a beautiful, compact retro gaming system. Read more about the build here


The Raspberry Pi Foundation have published a new SenseHAT tutorial. This one interrogates Minecraft Pi and creates a map of the surrounding blocks. This map is then sent to the SenseHAT where it is displayed on the 8×8 LED matrix. Read the tutorial here.


“Quake in a Box” is a project that allows you to run a full QuakeWorld LAN server on your Raspberry Pi. It comes in the form on a downloadable distro image based on Arch Linux. Instructions are available here.

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