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Raspberry Pi Roundup - 24th September 2015

Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Roundup


Matt Brailsford (aka Circuitbeard) has taken an old Grandstand Scramble gaming console and adapted it for use with the Raspberry Pi. He’s got a 5″ HDMI TFT screen (which gives a resolution of 800×480) for the display and used the Picade controller board from Pimoroni. He cut and adapted various parts to allow for the buttons and the joystick and then made a new bezel for more customisation. The end result is a beautiful, compact retro gaming system. Read more about the build here


The Raspberry Pi Foundation have published a new SenseHAT tutorial. This one interrogates Minecraft Pi and creates a map of the surrounding blocks. This map is then sent to the SenseHAT where it is displayed on the 8×8 LED matrix. Read the tutorial here.


“Quake in a Box” is a project that allows you to run a full QuakeWorld LAN server on your Raspberry Pi. It comes in the form on a downloadable distro image based on Arch Linux. Instructions are available here.

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