Raspberry Pi Roundup - 16th September 2015


Taking inspiration from their home town’s surfeit of public “street pianos”, Mike & Sean wanted to create something special. They came up with a piano that would record what was played on it and then allow the player, or even another player, to overlay that recording with further tracks. They used a Raspberry Pi to bring it all together and called it “Quaver”. Quaver allows up to four players to record their parts of the eventual piece of music, utilising a big button to begin recording. You then press a different button to upload it to the music repository. You can read a lot more about it on their blog.


In what is becoming a regular event, Matthew Timmons-Brown has interviewed Eben Upton and posed your questions to him. He covers things like the new Screen, the potential future of the Pi, Minecraft Pi Edition, Windows 10 IoT and all kinds of things. Matt’s fixed his issues with sound by equipping Eben with a decent clip microphone this time and the interview is of a much higher quality than last time. Well worth a watch/listen.


Sandy Macdonald has done another one of his beautifully-written posts. This time, he’s taken on Pimoroni’s Picade, the build-it-yourself retro gaming console. He covers the hardware, including assembly, and the software as well as how he modded his console with lights and other stuff. Read it here.

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