Raspberry Pi Roundup - 26th August 2015

The Big News - Sense HAT

The Big News today is that the SenseHAT, the heart of the Raspberry Pi Foundation's Astro Pi space mission, is now available to buy. You can read a review of the board I wrote over at Raspberry Pi Pod and you can get hold of one from us for £25. Read more detail about the board and the efforts that went into making it here.

Windows 10

A Windows-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi is now available publicly following a few months of developer-only trials. Windows 10 IoT is available here and, unlike the last few months, does not require any sign-ups. Please bear in mind that this is not a desktop environment and is only suitable for developers who like to program in the Windows sphere.

Look to the sky!

At the DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas, David Jordan of Aerial Assault showed off his drone that can remotely attack computer networks. It does this courtesy of an on-board Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux. It first of all detects likely candidates for attack and then sends this data back to the operator who can choose whether to target a candidate. The drone will be sold as a retail product for around $2500, a scarily low price considering what it can do!


“After Dark” was an installation by artists The Workers which patrolled the halls of the Tate Modern and Tate Britain last year. Visitors to the AfterDark.io website were able to control the Raspberry Pi-powered robots and view streamed video from the galleries. The first user of the system was astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield (who will be going up to the ISS soon accompanied by Raspberry Pis from the AstroPi project). Hopefully, the After Dark team will be allowed into other galleries at some point – check out their website and sign up for their mailing list to be informed if this happens!

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