Raspberry Pi Roundup - 21st August 2015


Here’s a nice tutorial from over at Make. It uses the PiPlay distro to give you an arcade emulator. You then add your controller in the form of an Arduino Esplora and configure your games accordingly. All the instructions for how to do this are over at Make. If you want to do arcade emulation the really easy way, take a look at the Picade Arcade Machine.


Over at TechRadar, the guys and girls from Linux Format have blogged about creating a burglar alarm for your home. The system uses a PIR sensor to detect movement and then takes a picture and a video then uses an online service to send this to a mobile phone via SMS. They’ve included all the code you need to replicate the system. Read all about it here.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation have blogged about this great project from Germans Holger and Henrike Körber. They are using a USB high-sensitivity microphone to pick up on bat calls. This is plugged into a Raspberry Pi which records the data and allows them to graphically represent the calls and manipulate the sound waves into something which can be heard by humans.Read the blog post at the Foundation’s site or head over to the German-language project description.


The Oxford Flood Network uses a network of ultrasonic sensors in a flood-prone area to detect water levels and broadcast their data over short distances to Raspberry Pi-based gateways; these aggregate the data and pass it to an open online database.

The detection devices are Arduino-based. They then communicate to the Raspberry Pi via RF and the data is shared via ethernet to a house or business router via ethernet cable.

They are looking for people to contribute to the project by hosting devices on river overhangs so that the ultrasonic sensor can point downwards and detect the water level. If you are able to help, fill in this online form.

You can read more about the project on their website.

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