Raspberry Pi Roundup - 10th June 2015


Sai Yamanoor is planning a trip to the Sierra Nevada in California/Nevada and he’s using a Raspberry Pi to do it! He’s using an API provided by the California Department of Transportation to retrieve road condition data and then manipulating it for his own purposes. This is an ongoing series and you can read part 1 here.


Martin O’Hanlon has constructed a model of the International Space Station in Minecraft. He has then used the AstroPi HAT to send accelerometer data to the Pi. When the AstroPi is rotated, the space station within Minecraft mimics this movement. It’s a bit slow, but it is very cool. Take a look at the video above.


The Diddyborg from PiBorg is a lovely, hard-wearing, speed robot. Richard Hayler has taken an old digital joystick he had lying around and hooked it up to a Slice of Pi prototyping board on the Pi so that the Diddyborg’s movement can be controlled. Read more here.

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