Raspberry Pi Roundup - 15th April 2015


Paul Weeks has taken his Pi, hooked it up to an ultrasonic sensor and then created a LEGO contraption that fires a Minion Fart Gun when the Pi detects someone is near. Borderline insane, and every-so-slightly stupid, but tremendous fun! Full details of the build are available here.


Madis Vorklaev has taken a Raspberry Pi and a DSLR camera and fused them together to create a timelapse camera. The set-up has a 3G USB modem installed that allows him to remotely access the images. Read more here.


Eric Escobar has created a door for his chicken coop which automatically locks and unlocks depending on how he programs it. You can read slightly more over at Hackaday or watch the video of it in action above. He’s posted further details up on Github.

E-paper HAT

Lastly, we'd just like to bring your attention to a new Kickstarter. It's being run by Neil Matthews (who regularly helps out at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam and is a great guy) under his company Percheron Electronics. The Kickstarter is funding a new HAT for the Pi that has an e-paper display. The display is a 2.7″ screen with a resolution of 264×176 pixels. The HAT also comes with a built-in real-time clock which helps the Pi keep in time and opens the way for projects such as clocks and weather stations. Find out more and back the Kickstarter project here.

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