Raspberry Pi Roundup - 1st April 2015

Model C

Fantastic news today. The Raspberry Pi Foundation have announced that the Raspberry Pi Model C is now available. This new computer, with a fabulous 2GB of memory and an upgraded 8-core processor, is sure to grab the attention and imagination of the entire planet, if not the entire universe as we know it. You can read more here or buy one from The Pi Hut - quick, though, our stocks are very low!


We spotted some news over at the ZSL site of a radical new research programme involving ostriches. Apparently they are putting Raspberry Pi Model A+s into the nests of adult ostriches to watch when the eggs pop out. Sounds a bit messy to me...

In the pink

To coincide with the release of the Raspberry Pi Model C, the Foundation, in association with Element 14/Farnell/CPC, are producing a special edition of the Raspberry Pi 2 (pictured). It is expected to be a big hit amongst enthusiasts.

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