Raspberry Pi Roundup - 17th Feb 2015

Where do I start?

You've just bought your shiny new Pi and now you want to know... what can I do with it? What's the next step? What resources are out there? I've written a guide on my blog to answer some of these questions, so if you're all at sea in the world of Pi, take a look and see if it helps!


Richard Hayler and his sons have constructed a huge LEGO representation of the history of Raspberry Pi tracking its evolution from concept to its eventual Astro Pi launch into space to do experiments on the International Space Station.

It’s a work of pure genius. I urge you to head over to Richard’s blog.


Steve Hickson decided he wanted to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine’s day. He adapted his own robot bartender to pour wine on command, added in some WeMo light switches and a bedroom fan with rose petals on top. The result astonished his girlfriend (see picture above) and you can read a bit more about how he did it here.

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