Raspberry Pi Roundup - 29th Jan 2015

News from the shop

We've currently got some great deals on new Raspberry Pis - the model B+ is currently only £22.40 including VAT and the model A+ is a ridiculous £16.20!


Anonymous browsing is all the rage nowadays, what with government snooping on the increase. Well now you can set up your Raspberry Pi as an anonymous router which shows up as a wireless hotspot which you then connect your desktop or laptop computer to over wifi. Take a look at this tutorial for how to do it. This tutorial is also useful for if you want to create a wifi hotspot for robotics.


DesignSpark have published some good-looking resources for teachers to use in the classroom to help students learn about the GPIO. They are as follows:

They look good-quality documents with plenty of Fritzing circuit diagrams to help you. Each resource comes with worksheets for students and classroom notes for teachers.


Simon Walters has announced the release of version 7 of ScratchGPIO, the brilliant version of Scratch that enables you to use the Pi’s GPIO pins. According to Simon, the new version contains:

  • Background engine room stuff
  • Support for the PiAndBash I/O board and the Agobo robot from 4Tronix
  • Various bug fixes

Find out how to download and install ScratchGPIO by visiting this page.

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