Raspberry Pi Roundup - 10th Dec 2014

Apologies for the lack of Roundups in the past week or so. We've all been very busy preparing for Pi Wars, the first Raspberry Pi robotics competition. Now that's over, however, we are back and first up is a very exciting piece of news!

The Big News

The Raspberry Pi is heading into orbit and the International Space Station.

A partnership between the Raspberry Pi Foundation, UK Space, the European Space Agency and British astronaut Tim Peake is sending two Raspberry Pis into orbit! This exciting development gets even more thrilling: school children will be given the opportunity to send their code up to the Pis and have them run scientific experiments in gravity-less conditions.

The Pis will be fitted with a HAT that exposes several different sensors and the schools involved will receive units that they can test their code out on before they finalise the code and transmit it.

You can read more about the competition, which will launch properly at BETT in January, on the Raspberry Pi Foundation blog. There’s also a dedicated website that you can take a browse through for inspiration.


Ted Hale has taken an old Linksys router, ripped the guts out and converted it into a (rather large) case for his Raspberry Pi. He’s now moved on to adding LED indicators. Read more here.


Ezra Hilyer has taken an old Apple keyboard, a disassembled wi-fi dongle and an Arduino and built an all-in-one Raspberry Pi unit. You can read how he did it here.

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