RPi Roundup – 20th October 2014

Huge Sale!


We've decided to have a huge clearance sale here at The Pi Hut - we've got lots of things on sale, including the Raspberry Pi, and some of our products have a massive 75% off. So, if you want to pick up a bargain, start here!

The Big News

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the release of the CAD files for the Compute Module IO Board. You can read the full announcement here.


Reddit user Angryspec spent a few months adapting a SNES console and some control pads so that he could emulate the SNES and other gaming consoles. More details and pictures of the build are available here.


A group of developers are currently working on porting Firefox OS to the Raspberry Pi as either downloadable software packages or a flashable image. You can already install a demo version of the OS to your Pi by following theinstructions on the wiki page, which also contains more info about the project.

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