The Big News

sonic-pi-web-logo An exciting development for all your programming and music fans. Version 2 of Dr Sam Aaron's brilliant Sonic Pi now out and available and comes with a whole host of improvements including the introduction of the ability to 'live code' and change your music code while it's playing. Find out how to install it here.

Emulation Station

2014-08-30 01.03.48 HDR Here's an excellent example of taking old hardware and putting it to good use. It's an old NES games console with a Pi inside with RetroPie running on it. Take a look at the full details of the build here.

Cut it down

PiOnTheWall Domipheus has taken a Pi and a PiTFT screen and created a wall-mounted home server with a touchscreen. He’s done a lot of cutting and modification of the Pi and the screen and it’s really impressive how small he’s managed to get it and still have it operate properly. Take a look at his extensive build blog here