RPi Roundup – 26th August 2014

Review Corner

20140824_154950 At The Pi Hut, we launched our new mini speaker a few days ago. Over on my blog I've written a very positive review of the speaker and given it a great score of 9/10. Read the review here.

The Cube... of Rubik

Zijiang, over at Makeblock, has created a robotic apparatus that will solve a Rubik’s cube. It has four robotic arms which pivot to turn the sides of the cube and the whole thing is controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Take a look at the video below: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-RTTcsHMpo&w=600]

Clever Cluster

cluster_closeup_final-700x461 Brandon Van Ryswyk and Daniel Chin have just finished building a 32-node DataStax Enterprise cluster running on Raspberry Pis. It’s being used to demonstrate the fault-tolerant nature of Cassandra by letting visitors to their lobby take down a ‘data centre’ with a touch of a big red button. Cassandra is a database platform used in a lot of ‘big data’ applications. You can read a lot more detail about the project on their website.

Movement sensing

motiondetection Over at Linux User, Rob Zwetsloot has written a tutorial with a code listing that shows you how to do motion detection with the camera module. It takes a picture, stores it in a stream and then captures another image, comparing the two on the fly to detect changes. Read all about it here.

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