RPi Roundup - 11th April 2014

The Big News

setting-up-the-raspberry-pi The Raspberry Pi Foundation got a new video from the guys at Saladhouse Animation. With a voiceover by Johnny Ball, it's all about getting your Raspberry Pi set-up by plugging in all the correct cables. It's great fun and a lovely animation job. You can watch it over on the Foundation's blog.

Tutorial Corner

The Average Guy continues his tutorial series by explaining how to take pictures using the camera module and command line scripts. You can get hold of a camera module from The Pi Hut by visiting this page in our shop.

Featured Project

In Iron Man (and The Avengers), Tony Stark has created a voice-controlled computer interface called J.A.R.V.I.S. Well, two students from Princeton University have created Jasper, the beginnings of a similar voice-controlled system. You can download the code and install it on your Pi and it will respond to voice commands. It's all open-source so you can adapt it to your requirements. Well worth taking a look! You can visit their website here.

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