RPi Roundup – 9th April 2014

We've got lots of news to share with you today in this, our first Raspberry Pi Bulletin. From now on, we're going to aim to bring you all the latest Pi-related news and exciting projects that we've found on the Internet.

The Big News

Three major things have happened over the past few days at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The first was the launch of their new website. It's been given a complete facelift and now has much richer content for you to enjoy. There's plenty of help in getting your Pi set-up for the first time and then exploring what this brilliant piece of kit can do. There's a heavy focus on education, and that's where this new site really shines. So head on over there to explore the site! The next exciting development was the launch of the Education Fund. This is a £1 million pot that will fund projects and initiatives for kids aged 5-18 in the 4 core STEM areas. Priority will be given for not-for-profit projects. And finally, on the 7th April, the Foundation announced the launch of the new Compute Module. Aimed at commerce/industry, rather than education or hobbyists, the Compute aims to give users the Raspberry Pi package of memory and main processor in a smaller form factor that can be embedded into systems rather than used standalone. Instead of an SD card, the operating system can be flashed to a 4GB eMMC that is embedded on the board.

Tutorial Spotlight

The Southend-on-Sea based “Average Man” is doing a new tutorial series on the operation of the Raspberry Pi camera module. His first tutorial is all about connecting the camera to the Pi and is ideal for anyone who has just got, or is thinking of getting, the camera. He’s even done a video of the operation. You can start reading his tutorial series here

Project Corner

Timo Kurz is currently working with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to develop the RaspberryHy, a hydrogen fuel cell driven power source for the Raspberry Pi. He seems to have got quite a long way with it, even developing an enclosure to contain the Pi and the fuel cell, and he’s doing it as part of his thesis. Read slightly more here The next bulletin should be with you on Friday!

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