Raspberry Pi Roundup - 9th May 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 9th May 2016

Free up space

Alex Eames has just written a great tutorial which takes you through the process of removing specific packages from your Pi’s SD card. He chooses to remove Wolfram and LibreOffice for a massive 1.3GB space saving. If you’re running short of space on your card, take a look at his blog post for how to rectify the situation.

Full Minecraft

Mike Hooper has been looking at ways to get the full version of Minecraft working on his Pi. He’s now managed it and has written up a tutorial over on the Raspberry Pi Forums. Great work, Mike! You can see a video of it in action above.

Ballooning podcast

The latest Pi Podcast has been published. Along with the usual mixture of chat and news, this one features an interview with legendary high altitude balloonist Dave Akerman. Well worth a listen – go to their site.

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