Xia Mi Multi-functional Expansion Board for micro:bit V2

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The Xia Mi expansion board adds more than 10 functional modules and expansion features for your BBC micro:bit V2 including multiple sensors, a 4-way motor driver, RGB LEDs, OLED display, relay, IR receiver and more!

This awesome buffet of features allows budding coders to learn both the basic functions of the micro:bit with the option to progress using the many onboard features and online tutorials. It's a quick, simple and hassle-free way to explore different hardware whilst learning to code.

The board makes a great foundation for micro:bit robotics projects too, with the onboard motor driver and distance sensor ports allowing easy expansion.

Xia Mi Expansion Board features


  • Multiple modules for STEAM education:
    • Traffic light module (Red/Yellow/Green)
    • 2x W2812 RGB LED
    • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
    • Infrared Receiver
    • Infrared Flame Sensor
    • Rotation Sensor (potentiometer)
    • 12864 OLED Display
    • 4x Motor Driver
    • Relay Module
  • External Power Supply (6-12V)
  • Power Switch
  • I2C Expansion Port (5V)
  • 3.3V Expansion Ports
  • 5V Expansion ports
  • SR-04 Ultrasonic Sensor port
  • URM10 Ultrasonic port
  • HuskyLens Port
  • USB power input (5V)
  • Removes the complications of hardware and connections for early users
  • Great value compared to buying the components and parts alone

Specifications & Pin Mapping

  • Operating Voltage: 5V (USB)
  • External Power Supply: 6V~12V (switch controls the external power)
  • Relay Module (P9) ×1 (On-board status indicator)
  • Infrared Receiver (P13) ×1
  • W2812RGB Light (P15) ×2 (RGB0 RGB1)
  • Infrared Flame Sensor (I2C) ×1
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor (I2C) ×1
  • Rotation Angle Sensor (I2C) ×1
  • Red/Yellow/Green Traffic Light Module (I2C) ×1
  • 12864_OLED Display (I2C) ×1 (With black metal protective cover)
  • Motor Drive (I2C)×4 (Onboard forward/backward rotation two-colour indicator)
  • GPIO(5V): P0 P1 P2 P8 (External power with the stronger driving capability)
  • GPIO(3.3V): P0 P1 P2 P8 P12 P14 P16 (Inner power of micro:bit main-board)
  • I2C Expansion Port (3.3V) ×2
  • HuskyLens Port (5V I2C ) ×1 (External power with stronger drive capability)
  • SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Port ×1 (5V P0 P1 GND)
  • URM10 Ultrasonic Sensor Port ×1 (5V P0 P1 GND)
  • Dimensions: 57x87 mm

Package Contents

  • 1x Xia mi Board for micro:bit

micro:bit not included. Some tutorials require additional parts.


MakeCode Tutorial

Tutorial List

Some of these tutorials require additional parts to connect to the board.

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