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The Wio-E5 Development Kit from Seeed is an easy-to-use compact development toolset for you to unlock the powerful performance of the Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC. Includes a Wio-E5 Dev Board, an antenna (EU868/US915), a USB-C cable and a 2xAA Battery Holder.

The Wio-E5 Dev Board embedded with Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module is a world-first combo of Long Range RF and MCU in one single tiny chip and is FCC and CE certified. It is powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 core and Semtech SX126X Long Range chip and supports both Long Range protocol on the worldwide frequency and (G)FSK, BPSK, (G)MSK, and Long Range modulations.

It is user-friendly and leads out the full GPIO offering of the Wio-E5 supporting various data protocols and interfaces including RS-485, Grove, male/female headers and more. The perfect choice for fast testing and rapid prototyping of your Long Range IoT projects.

Hardware Overview

The Wio-E5 Dev Board features an ultra-long transmitting range, extremely low chip power consumption, and user-friendly interfaces. It has a long-distance transmission range of up to 10km in an open area. The sleep current of Wio-E5 modules on board is as low as 2.1 uA(WOR mode). It is designed with industrial standards with a wide working temperature at -40 ℃ ~ 85℃, high sensitivity between -116.5 dBm ~ -136 dBm, and power output up to +20.8dBm at 3.3V.

Thye board also has rich interfaces. Developed to unlock the full functionality of the Wio-E5 module, Wio-E5 Dev Board has led out full 28 pins of Wio-E5 and provides rich interfaces including Grove connectors, RS-485 terminal, male/female pin headers for you to connect sensors and modules with different connectors and data protocols, saving your time on wire soldering. You could also easily power the board by connecting the battery holder with 2x 1.5V AA batteries, enabling temporary use when lacking an external power source. It is a user-friendly board for easy testing and rapid prototyping.

Since Wio-E5 is a Long Range chip with an MCU, there are three main ways to utilize the Wio-E5 Dev Board:

  • 1. Connect Wio-E5 Dev Board to PC via USB and control by AT commands - There is a built-in USB to UART function on board, you could just simply connect the Wio-E5 Dev Board to your PC with a USB type C cable, and use serial communication software to send AT commands and read data from the board
  • 2. Connect Wio-E5 Dev Board to another mainboard via UART and control by AT commands - or example, connect Wio-E5 Dev Board to Seeeduino XIAO and the Expansion Board via UART, and send AT commands and read data from Seeeduino XIAO through Arduino IDE serial monitor.
  • 3. Develop user applications by using the SDK - develop your own Long Range development board with MCU function by using STM32Cube Programmer, which is the SDK officially provided by STMicroelectronics. To download this SDK resource, please find the resources in learning and document down below.

With all the outstanding features listed above, the Wio-E5 Dev Board will be a superior choice for IoT device development, testing, prototyping, and applications in long-distance, ultra-low power consumption IoT scenarios like smart agriculture, smart office, and smart industry.



    Parameters Specifications
    Size Wio-E5 Dev Board: 85.6*54mm
    Package: 200*130*50mm
    Voltage - supply 3-5V (Battery) / 5V(USB Type C)
    Voltage - output EN 3V3 / 5V
    Power - output Up to +20.8dBm at 3.3V
    Frequency EU868 / US915 / AU915 / AS923 / KR920 / IN865
    Protocol Long Range
    Sensitivity -116.5dBm ~ -136dBm
    Interfaces USB Type C / JST2.0 / Grovex3 (IIC*2/UART*1)
    / RS485 / SMA-K / IPEX
    Modulation Long Range , (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK
    Working temp -40℃ ~ 85℃
    Current Wio-E5 sleep current as low as 2.1uA (WOR mode)

    Package Contents

    • 1x Wio-E5 Dev Board
    • 1x Antenna(EU868/US915)
    • 1x USB TypeC (20cm)
    • 1x 2*AA 3V Battery Holder


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