Vintage Copper 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

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3DQF PLA is made in Greater Manchester right here in the UK, with tight tolerances, the highest quality material and a fully recyclable custom cardboard spool. We're big fans of 3DQF filament and it's great to support a fellow small UK business in the maker scene.

Now you can add a classy look to your next 3D model with this new Vintage Copper colour we've added to our PLA colour range! This colour has an almost two-tone effect, changing colour depending on how the light hits your print. 

The custom laser-cut cardboard is fully recyclable and includes a filament indicator to help you keep an eye on your remaining PLA. You can also 3D print a roller-style edge protection rim or axle-style low-friction spool rings for your spool holder.

3DQF PLA holds a tight tolerance of 0.06mm - and that's over a 21-kilometre run (a human hair is .04!)! This 3D Printing filament enjoys higher temperatures than others on the market (200-225°C), so we suggest starting at 210°C and adjusting to suit your printer/results.

Recommended Printing Parameters

  • Hot end Temperature: 210-225°C (start at 210°C and adjust for your printer/scenario)
  • Bed Temperature: 40-50°C (start at 50°C and adjust for your printer/scenario)
  • First Layer Speed: 30 mmps
  • Print Speed: 50-80mmps
  • Retraction: 2-4mm
  • Fan: 100% from the start
  • Filament cleaner: Recommended
  • Like all PLA, keep it dry and away from humidity as much as possible

...and always check your levels...then check em' again!


3D Prints for your spool - neat!


  • Material PLA filament
  • Diameter 1.75mm + or - 0.03mm
  • Filament weight 1kg gross
  • Hotend temp 210 - 225°C (between 60-120mm/s print speed)
  • Bed temperature 40-50°C or unheated

Spool Specifications

  • Width: 69mm
  • Depth: 194 mm
  • 70 mm Axle
  • Card Construction
  • Delivered in an Airtight Bag with desiccant
  • Fully Recyclable

Package Contents

  • 1x 1kg spool of 1.75mm PLA (Vintage Copper)

Made in the UK

This PLA filament, spool, outer box and even the box printing are all made in the UK.

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