USB CDC Serial Adaptor (3.3v)

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This is a 3.3V USB Serial Adaptor. It plugs directly onto our Cluster HAT and MMC (SD) HAT to provide serial console access to the Raspberry Pi for quick access.

Using jumper wires it can be used to access the serial connection on a Raspberry Pi and for Arduino programming (using RTS for reset). The board uses through-hole connections on both the micro-USB and female 6-way 0.1" header for a more robust product over the surface mount alone.

This module can only be used with systems using 3.3V, connecting to those using higher/lower voltages may result in damage. Click here for a 5V version.

The IC used in the adapter enumerates as a Communication Device Class (CDC) device which modern (Win10/Linux/Mac OS X) operating systems have built-in drivers for.

A micro-USB cable will be required (not included).

Enabling Serial Console (Raspberry Pi)

To enable serial console on a default Raspbian (or Cluster HAT) installation add "enable_uart=1" to your config.txt in the boot partition.


Pinout Description
RTS Request to send
RX Receive (connect to remote TX)
TX Transmit (connect to remote RX)
3V 3.3V supply (50mA max)
CTS Clear to send
GND Ground

Baud Rates

The following baud rates are supported

Baud rate Miss rate (%)
2,400 0.16
4,800 0.16
9,600 0.04
19,200 0.04
38,400 0.16
57,600 0.16
115,200 0.16
230,400 0.16
460,800 0.79
1,700,000 0.84
2,300,000 0.62
3,400,000 0.84

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