575-Piece Ultimate Resistor Kit

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Our Ultimate Resistor Kit contains 575 1/4W metal film resistors of various values in a handy clasp box, a great way to ensure you always have the resistor you need to hand!

Each resistor value is packed separately with its ohm value clearly labelled on the outer pouch. We add more of the more commonly used resistors into these kits to make sure your supply lasts at an even rate.

Don't worry if you get them mixed up - there's a handy resistor value calculator on the inside of the box along with a list of the included parts.

Kit Contents

Rating Quantity
10Ω 25
20Ω 25
47Ω 25
100Ω 50
220Ω 50
330Ω 50
470Ω 25
1kΩ 50
2.2kΩ 25
4.7kΩ 25
10kΩ 50
22kΩ 25
47kΩ 25
100kΩ 25
220kΩ 25
470kΩ 25
1MΩ 25

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