Serial Bus Servo Motor (20kg⋅cm)

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This Servo Motor has a 360° high-precision magnetic encoder, providing precise angle control within a full 360° range. With a top speed of 106 RPM, it offers flexibility, allowing you to set any angle as the servo motor's middle position. Additionally, it can switch between functioning as a continuous rotation motor and stepper motor mode.

It features built-in acceleration and deceleration functions, helping to provide smoother motion transitions. Each unit has dual interfaces, supporting the ability to connect multiple motors in series. It can control up to 253 bus servo motors simultaneously, with each motor providing real-time feedback on angle, load, voltage, and current operational mode.

Designed for closed-loop control projects, it is ideal for use in robotic arms, hexapod robots, humanoid robots, and wheeled robots. The servo's compact design enhances the aesthetic of any project, while its wide voltage input range (6-12.6V) accommodates direct power supplies from two-cell or three-cell lithium batteries. The servo offers multiple programmable work modes, including a servo mode for precise angle control and a motor mode for continuous rotation, providing adaptability and high performance in various robotic configurations.

Note: The Servo Driver and mechanical arm are NOT included

We have a servo driver in our shop to get you going


  • High speed, with a maximum speed of up to 106 RPM
  • Support connecting in series, simultaneously controlling up to 253 servo motors (provided that there is sufficient power) and obtaining feedback information from each motor
  • 360° magnetic encoder, allowing for a wider angle control range
  • High precision, with an angle control accuracy of 360°/4096.
  • Any angle can be set as the motor's midpoint, facilitating assembly
  • Acceleration and deceleration function for smoother motion effects
  • Compact structural design for a more aesthetically pleasing product appearance
  • Wide voltage input range of 6-12.6V, capable of direct power supply from 2s or 3s lithium batteries
  • High torque, up to
  • Programmable work modes: Servo mode for angle control / Motor mode for continuous rotation


Rotation Angle 360° (0~4095)
Position Sensor Resolution 360° / 4096
Mechanism Limited Angle No Limit
Operating Voltage 6 ~ 12.6 V
Gear High-precision metal gear
No-Load Speed 0.094sec / 60° (106RPM)
Encoder Type 360° Magnetic Encoder
ID Range 1 ~ 253
Baudrate 38400bps ~ 1Mbps (1Mbps by default)
Feedback Position, Load, Speed, Input Voltage
No-Load Current 240 mA
Locked-Rotor Current 2.4A


Package Contents

  • 1x 20kg.Cm Bus Servo Motor
  • 2x Aluminium servo wheels
  • 1x Screw Pack
  • 1x Servo Cable

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