Sense HAT (B) for Raspberry Pi

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The Waveshare Sense HAT (B) is specially designed for the Raspberry Pi and integrates multiple powerful sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, temperature/humidity sensor and a colour sensor.

The board communicates via the I2C interface reducing GPIO pin usage whilst also allowing you to use it with other microcontrollers. An onboard ADC is included with pin breakouts to allow you to connect more external sensors if required.

This HAT can be used to collect local environmental data such as the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, or on a robot to detect movement and orientation. With so many sensors packed into a compact removable 'pHAT' format board, it can be used again and again for all different kinds of projects.


  • Standard 40-pin GPIO header for direct fit to your Raspberry Pi
  • Onboard ICM20948 (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer)
  • Onboard SHTC3 digital temperature and humidity sensor
  • Onboard LPS22HB barometric pressure sensor
  • Onboard TCS34725 colour sensor
  • Onboard ADS1015 ADC, 4-ch 12-bit precision
  • I2C control pins, for connecting other host boards
  • Online development resources and manual

What's Onboard?

1) Raspberry Pi GPIO connector
2) Sensor Interface for external sensors
3) I2C extension header for connecting to other host boards
4) ICM-20948: 9-axis movement sensor
5) SHTC3: Temperature and humidity sensor
6) TCS34725: Colour sensor
7) LPS22HB: Barometric pressure sensor
8) ADS1015: 12-bit ADC
9) LSF0204PWR: 4-channel voltage level translator
10) RT9193-18: 1.8V linear regulator
11) RT9193-33: 3.3V linear regulator


Working voltage 3.3V
Interface I2C
Dimension 65mm x 30.5mm
Accelerometer Resolution: 16-bit
Gyroscope Resolution: 16-bits
Magnetometer Resolution: 16-bits
Barometer Resolution:24-bits (Pressure)
Accuracy (ordinary temperature): ±0.025hPa
Speed: 1 Hz - 75 Hz
Temperature & Humidity Accuracy (humidity):±2% rH
Ranging(humidity): 0% ~ 100% rH
Accuracy(temperature): ±0.2°C
Ranging(temperature): -30 ~ 100°C
Colour sensor Resolution: 4-channels RGBC, 16-bits per ch.
ADC Resolution: 12-bits

Package Contents

  • 1x Sense HAT (B)
  • 1x Screw pack (2 pieces)
  • 1x 2x20 female header

Raspberry Pi not included


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