Surface Mount (SMT) GPIO Socket Header for Raspberry Pi HATs [discontinued]

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This custom-made 2x20 surface-mount (SMT) female socket header is "that" header used in many Raspberry Pi HAT designs and recommended for HAT specification products by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Note: This header has small securing lugs on the underside and will need to be factored into your PCB design (see image)

It's a surface mount female "push-fit" type socket designed to be used to plug a Raspberry Pi HAT onto a 40-pin Raspberry Pi. The sockets are push-fit, so harder to use than the Thru-Hole type headers, but for the slickest, slimmest fit, this header is recommended!

These are individually packaged parts from a pick & place reel, but come complete with the pick and place plate. The pins are large enough to be hand soldered, so perfect for prototyping and small-batch runs!

We offer a number of push-fit headers which work perfectly with this socket header, in Tall, Extra-Tall Single Shroud and Double Shroud versions.


  • Surface Mount Bottom Entry Dual Row Socket
  • 2 x 20 (40 Pin)
  • 2.54mm Pitch
  • 3.5mm Height (Low Profile Type)
  • Specified for Raspberry Pi Add-ons & HAT GPIO Applications
  • Gold Flash Plating on Contact Area

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