R3 Plus - Arduino-Compatible ATmega328P Development Board

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The R3 Plus is Waveshare's very own Arduino-compatible ATmega328P-based development board. Arduino-compatibles are a great way to find something a little different for your project - ideal when you need a specific feature or function.

Waveshare designed the R3 Plus with a huge number of subtle but useful changes to the default R3 design including dual voltage levels, low-profile power connectors, lateral switches and more - see the full feature list below!

A Micro-USB cable is included with the board.


  • Dual voltage levels - Supports 5V and 3.3V
  • Lateral reset button - Easier to access when using shields
  • Bootloader switch - The board can be configured to run a program immediately when power-up by the switch
  • Micro-USB Connector - A more common USB interface and keeps the board low profile for shields
  • Low-profile DC jack - Contributes to the low profile of the board, avoids shield blocking
  • Power output header - A dedicated 3.3/5V and GND header for your projects and common grounding
  • 3.3V Power Output - A boost to the norm, with 800mA driving capability
  • Crystal Oscillator - For accurate clock references
  • 8 ADC channels - more ADC pins for your project. CFG used as ADC6 by configuration and ADC7 from the reserved pin.
  • Solder Pads - Pads are provided for DIY project wiring where required
  • FT232 USB Driver - more compatible with mainstream Operating Systems
  • Firmware Fixing - Firmware can be fixed by using the onboard FT232, no extra programmer is required
  • Dimensions: 66.04mm x 53.34mm

What's Onboard

Waveshare R3 Plus Hardware

  • 1) ATMEGA328P-AU
  • 2) AMS1117-3.3
    • 3.3V voltage regulator
  • 3) NCP1117ST50T3G
    • 5V voltage regulator
  • 4) FT232RL
    • USB to UART convertor
  • 5) Arduino interface
    • Compatible with standard Arduino interface with two additional analog inputs A6 (config the CFG), A7
    • Solder pads provided, supports prototype breadboard
  • 6) ICSP interface
  • 7) Micro-USB connector
    • For uploading program OR serial port debugging
  • 8) Power output header
    • 3.3V OR 5V, voltage level configured by the onboard power configuration switch, used as power output OR common-grounding with other boards
  • 9) FT232 pins
    • For burning Bootloader into the microcontroller
  • 10) DC input
    • 7V ~ 12V
  • 11) Reset button
  • 12) Power indicator
  • 13) Serial port Rx/Tx indicator
  • 14) User LED
  • 15) 500mA fast auto-recovery fuse
  • 16) Power configuration
    • For configuring the operating voltage
  • 17) Bootloader selection switch
    • Turn ON: the board will reset when power-up OR other USB devices were detected connecting to the PC
    • Turn OFF: the onboard program runs immediately when power-up, and the board will not reset when other USB devices were detected connecting to the PC


Waveshare R3 Plus Pinout

Package Contents

  • 1x R3 Plus
  • 1x Micro-USB cable

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