PiCoolFAN4 for Raspberry Pi

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The PiCoolFAN4 is an advanced active cooling system for the Raspberry Pi 4, providing an easy to use, independent and autonomous cooling solution. It is also compatible with all other 40-pin Model B versions of the Raspberry Pi.

The PiCoolFAN4 includes an embedded fan and its own temperature sensor placed exactly 3.5mm above the Raspberry Pi 4 CPU. This sensor collects an accurate measurement of the system temperature as close to the CPU as possible and removes the need for software readings.

For more precise temperature control, the PiCoolFAN4 can optionally take readings from the onboard Raspberry Pi CPU temperature sensor using the provided software Daemon, which writes the temperature reading to the PiCoolFAN4 via I2C and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.

Key Features

No software required: the PiCoolFAN4 does not require any software installation when using the external sensor option, just mount the HAT and you're ready to go!

No GPIO Pins used: The PiCoolFAN4 does not use any GPIO pins - all communication with the Raspberry Pi is achieved via I2C.

Heatsink compatible: The PiCoolFAN4 can be used with a heatsink if a stacking GPIO header is used (8mm+, depending on the heatsink you want to use). This creates a double-cooling system – passive and active - working together!

PWM fan control: The driver for the FAN is PWM controlled, allowing you to set the fan speed depending on the temperature reading, dramatically decreasing fan noise.

Air Circulation Technology: The PCB design assists cooling via the circle-shaped vents. Air is forced onto the CPU by the fan, then escapes via the sides of the board and the PCB vents, maximising cooling efficiency even with low fan speeds.

Perfect for KODI: The PiCoolFAN4 is a perfect companion for Raspberry Pi media centres, thanks to the embedded temperature sensor and optional Infra-Red receiver requiring no software installation.

The PiCoolFAN4 is equipped with:

  • Battery Backed Hardware Real Time Clock DS1307 (1220 coin battery required)
  • 2 user LEDs (RED and Green)
  • 3 System LEDs (Cold, Hot, Fan running)
  • ESD Protected 1-wire interface (5/3V)
  • Infra-Red Receiver interface

and optionally:

  • High Current Relay Kit
  • Programmable sounder


Kit Contents

  • 1x PiCoolFAN4 HAT
  • 1x Fan
  • 4 x mounting screws for fan assembly
  • 4 x 7mm mounting standoffs and nuts

Note: This item does not include the following optional extras:

  1. Infrared Receiver
  2. 40 pin header for extension to other HATs
  3. 40 pin header to be used with heatsink
  4. Sounder
  5. High current relay (kit)
  6. 1220 Coin Battery

Raspberry Pi not included

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