Pico:ed Ring:bit Car V2 (includes Pico:ed V2)

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The Pico:ed Ring:bit is a small DIY smart robot car based on the Pico:ed V2 (RP2040) and Ring:bit robot chassis.

It can be easily programmed to run autonomously, and even create rainbow beacons of light! The robot supports multiple programming methods, such as Python, C++ and Micro block, and has a detailed online user guide including a number of projects to learn with and build upon.

The kit comes with a Pico:ed board, Ring:bit power board, Expansion adapter board (with 2x RGB LEDs), robot chassis parts & wheels, servos, castor wheel, USB cable, jumper wires, fixings, screwdriver and printed manual - all in a handy reusable box.

The robot is powered from the Ring:bit board - just add three 1.5V alkaline AAA batteries and you're ready to roll - easy, simple and safe!

We also stock a version of this kit for the BBC micro:bit here!

Optional Expansion modules

You can expand the capabilities of your Pico:ed Ring:bit car with an expansion pack. Just add one of the many extensions to your Ring:bit Car to allow it do even more things like line and light following, obstacle avoiding, drawing and more!

    An add-on pack with three accessory boards is available in the store here - including a line tracking module, ultrasonic sensor and light bar.

    Package Contents

    • 1x Pico:ed V2
    • 1x Ring:bit power board
    • 1x Expansion adapter board with 2x RGB LEDs
    • 1x Chassis parts set with fixings (wood)
    • 2x Servos
    • 1x Castor wheel
    • 2x Robot wheels
    • 1x 3-pin jumper wire cable
    • 1x Micro-USB cable
    • 1x Screwdriver
    • 1x Printed manual
    • 1x Storage box

    Batteries and expansion modules not included


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