Olimex USB-CAP Low-ESR Filter for Current-Hungry Devices

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There are some USB devices out there that are just plain greedy, drinking up all your available current during peaks causing some USB hosts to have a hard time keeping up. This can cause instability in your system or on the device itself.

To counter this, Olimex came up with the USB-CAP, a low-ESR filter for your hungry USB devices. The two onboard 1000uF capacitors offer some stability to provide current during these peak spikes, helping to keep your application running smoothly.

The USB-CAP has a female USB-A connection on one side, and a standard male USB-A connection on the other.


  • USB-CAP provides USB supply filtering to enable the operation of current-hungry devices with weak USB hosts
  • USB-A connections (male/female)
  • 2x 1000uF capacitors
  • PCB colour may vary


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