Olimex RP2040-PICO30-16

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The RP2040-PICO30-16 from Olimex is a re-design of the popular Raspberry Pi Pico that exposes all 30 GPIOs from the RP2040 and offers 16MB of flash memory!

By removing four of the GND pins from the original design and replacing them with the unexposed GPIOs, you get four more GPIO pins for inputs/outputs (but please read the important note below!).

This RP2040-PICO30-16 version of the board also comes with 16MB flash memory - 14MB more than the original and the maximum possible flash memory for the RP2040!

The board also offers other improvements such as a USB-C port (allows more current), RESET button and 4-layer PCB for better noise immunity.


This board keeps the same layout as Raspberry Pi Pico, however in order to expose the 4 extra GPIOs, we sacrificed four of the GND pins (that are exposed in the original design). This allows the addition of four missing GPIO: GPIO23, GPIO24, GPIO25, GPIO29 on four of the eight GND pads.

If you plan to use a Pico add-on board or follow a tutorial intended for the original Pico, keep this in mind!


  • RP2040 Cortex M0 microcontroller
  • Pico-compatible dimensions (similar pinout, see notes above)
  • SY8089A 3.3V 2A (3A peak) DCDC power supply
  • 30 GPIOs available to the user
  • USB-C connector
  • BOOTbutton
  • RESET button
  • 16MB flash memory
  • Dimensions 51 x 21 mm


Package Contents

  • 1x Olimex RP2040-PICO30-16 board

No pin headers included/soldered

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