Olimex NB-IoT-DevKit Development Board (BC-66)

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The NB-IoT-DevKit from Olimex is an IoT board with BC-66 LTE GSM module covering all worldwide GSM bands. The board includes a built-in LiPo battery port and charging circuit, Nano SIM holder, level shifters, status LEDs and a micro-USB connector.

NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology is a direct competitor to LoRaWAN and SigFox and has a few advantages:

  • Higher speed 25.5 kbps up and downlink
  • Single GSM cell can connect to up to 100 000 NB-IoT nodes
  • Single GSM cell can cover up to 10-100km rural and 1-10km urban distance
  • Can work up to 10 years on a Lithium 3V battery if less than 200 bytes are sent per day

Note: All GSM cells which work with LTE can also support NB-IoT, but this requires new protocol installation and licensee fee, so not all operators provide it by default. You have to check with your local GSM operator if they offer NB-IoT. Also, the SIM card must have this protocol enabled. SIMs with LTE may or may not work with NB-IoT, this depends on your operator.


  • BC-66 - worldwide GSM bands coverage
  • NB-IoT 25.5 kbps up and downlink
  • Ultra-low power design: only 126 uA consumption in PSM mode
  • Built-in Li-Po battery charger
  • Micro-USB connector
  • Nano SIM
  • Level shifters for 5 x GPIOs, I2C, SPI, UART
  • Micro UEXT connector
  • U.FL antenna connector
  • Status LEDs
  • Dimensions: 40 x 25mm





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  • 1x NB-IOT Development Board

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